The Archive: 2014

April 2014
18Poster Series: The Opposite of Sprezz | Fail
16Michael Bastian polos for Uniqlo 2014
14Slow down there, Chairman
11Ukrainian Parliament Brawl II: Electric Boogaloo
9Melaaaaaange | Buy
4Sophisticated Colour Deployment

March 2014
31Neutral alternatives to white sneakers | Buy
26Buying Tom Ford online
24Affordable linen blazers | Buy
19A word on Cadillac's Celebration of Douchebaggery | Fail
17Dress Respectfully
14Yeah, that should do it, GoDaddy | Fail
12Knitted eveningwear: interesting
10We need luxury airships
7Apparently there's a dress code for the telephone
5No-Tie Black Tie
3Two observations on the NHL outdoor games

February 2014
28How to get yourself choked immediately in a fistfight | Fail
26Tie Bar Socks 2014 | Buy
24This Is Not A Thing: DB Abuse | Fail
21S/S 2014 Week: Berluti
19S/S 2014 Week: Pal Zileri
17S/S 2014 Week: Hardy Amies
14Fun With Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists
12Suitsupply Spring/Summer 2014 Pre-Order | Buy
10Sochi Opening Ceremony Uniforms
7Inconvenient Truths, volume 2
5Winter whites, meet blizzard beige | Buy
3Great moments in bad timing, Super Bowl ad edition | Fail

January 2014
30Lewis Black adroitly sums up Ralph Lauren's US Olympic Team Sweater | Fail
28The pilot's watch evolved | Buy
24Ukraine's Protesters and Freedom Fighter Style
22What's good in the Brioni S/S 2014 Lookbook
20Your neck won't freeze on Mattiussi's watch
16Pitti Uomo 2014: This Is Not A Thing | Fail
14The essence of Pitti Uomo 2014 captured in a single image | Fail
10Winter Whites, 2014 Polar Vortex Edition
8Two approaches to the travel blazer | Buy
6The New Quilted Outerwear | Buy
1We See What You Did There, Colourblock

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