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Here comes the Tesla Model S

Over three years have gone by since Tesla Motors' all-electric Model S was announced, but yea, the time is nigh—the first copies will be delivered this month. First out the factory door will be the $90K Signature models, powered by 85 kWh batteries that claim a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds and a range that everyone insists will truly be over 300 miles per charge. But even the well-equipped base models coming this fall have impressive specs, with the $56K 40 kWh battery claiming 160 miles.

If these cars demonstrate real-world performance and reliability that comes anywhere close to the standards set by their underlying technologies and stunning good looks, not only will it mark a new era in electric cars but Tesla could end up being a disruptive force in the luxury car market as a whole—disruptive in a good way.
06.jun.2012 design tech
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