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No NHL Week: The Movies

No one knows how many games are going to be canceled before this thing is over, but three of those holes in your schedule can be filled with these films—not just the best three hockey movies, but the ONLY three good hockey movies. (Sorry, Mighty Ducks fans.)

Goon (2011): Raunchy, hilarious, and bloody, but with a surprising sweetness at its core and a faithful depiction of the sport and the colourful characters found in and around it.

Miracle (2004): You'd expect a Disney film about the triumph of an American underdog to be maudlin, and it is, but frankly so is the true story it tells. Kurt Russell kicks ass as coach Herb Brooks.

Slap Shot (1977): Not a great movie by any measure, but essential viewing as its quotes and personalities have entered the very vernacular of hockey culture. Paul Newman looks like he had fun making this film. You'll have fun watching it.
10.oct.2012 culture
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