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Our Valentine's Day pajama party with StyleMayvin | Buy

Every year we consult with our esteemed colleague T.Strong aka StyleMayvin for help picking out the perfect Valentine's gift for women. After years of avoiding the great cliché of sleepwear/lingerie in general and Victoria's Secret in particular, we decided it was time we learned to do it properly.

StyleMayvin: "If there's one thing I know about giving a woman pajamas for Valentine's Day, it's that good taste always wins over sex appeal. Men, you may not necessarily agree because as soon as someone says "women like tasteful pj's" your mind generally goes straight to your Mom's old cotton nightgown or Grandma's muumuu, but let me assure you, comfort does not equal frumpy in my style book.

Just imagine, the fabric that feels the sexiest to you, also feels fabulous against our skin. So, we can agree that silk should be the material of choice this year. As she opens her annual box or gift bag bearing the usual VS logo expecting to see a cutesy little lace number (selected mostly for your enjoyment), why not surprise her with something a tad bit different. This 2-piece satin pajamas pant set [$69.50] by Victoria Secret gives the feel of classic elegance. And, if red isn't your sweetheart's color of choice, there are various other options including animal print for the inner wild woman in her. Another beautiful satin option, i found at online at Nitori.com is this gorgeous "Miko" robe [$170]. The color and print is very alluring and the kimono styling is not only comfortable but it also exudes a level of timeless, demure, sex appeal. You simply can't go wrong with either of these options and I promise you, this is one Valentine's Day (and night) that you will both enjoy."

Check out StyleMayvin this week to see our pajama picks for gents, and every week for insights and commentary on women's fashion.
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