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6/7/2018Here's the thing about the shorts suit.
2/19/2018Black Panther and Afrofuturism
12/29/2016The Unrefinery Award for 2016: Canada
12/5/2016Computerized Fittings Since 2073
11/21/2016Kilt Pin > Safety Pin
9/6/2016Embracing the Lounge Lizard
8/8/2016Best dressed at the Rio opening ceremony
5/23/2016Lesser Known Hat Trick Variants
5/16/2016Creative Africa and Ikiré Jones
5/2/2016Reliable Indicators
3/15/2016Miles Davis, Style Icon
2/1/2016The $60 Sweater Crisis
1/11/2016Marco Rubio's Boots
12/3/2015We're gonna need Hillary and Bernie to start dressing like they take this seriously.
11/2/2015The Average Man's Haircut Cost Over Time
7/1/2015Jagmeet Singh is a sartorial badass
6/22/2015Two Things About Pitti Uomo That Don't Suck
4/30/2015Everything Karl Lagerfeld Hates
3/23/2015Men's Style Magazines: An Industry Compromised
3/2/2015The fops go marching two by two...
2/23/2015R.I.P. Esquire Magazine's dubious credibility, 1933-2015
1/5/2015Well played, sir...
12/22/2014Menswear compliments to avoid
12/9/2014When not to use a novelty font
12/1/2014Beard oils. For men. With beards.
11/10/2014Wingtip Ankle Boot Buyer's Guide
9/24/2014The Ottawa Senators, official hockey team of Unrefinery.com
9/22/2014Velvet suits, aviator glasses...
9/15/2014When social media advertising fails hard
8/28/2014In Praise Of Limitations
7/15/2014Introducing Thomas Mark Heritage
7/3/2014Why you aren't seeing our crap on Facebook
6/18/2014Never change, Dockers...
6/16/2014Restoration Hardware rolls out 13-volume catalogue weighing 15 pounds
4/14/2014Slow down there, Chairman
4/11/2014Ukrainian Parliament Brawl II: Electric Boogaloo
3/19/2014A word on Cadillac's Celebration of Douchebaggery
3/17/2014Dress Respectfully
3/14/2014Yeah, that should do it, GoDaddy
3/10/2014We need luxury airships
3/7/2014Apparently there's a dress code for the telephone
3/5/2014No-Tie Black Tie
3/3/2014Two observations on the NHL outdoor games
2/28/2014How to get yourself choked immediately in a fistfight
2/14/2014Fun With Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists
2/10/2014Sochi Opening Ceremony Uniforms
2/7/2014Inconvenient Truths, volume 2
2/3/2014Great moments in bad timing, Super Bowl ad edition
1/30/2014Lewis Black adroitly sums up Ralph Lauren's US Olympic Team Sweater
1/24/2014Ukraine's Protesters and Freedom Fighter Style
1/1/2014We See What You Did There, Colourblock
12/27/2013Badassitude and the measure of a man
12/6/2013A day in the tortured life of the #menswear model
11/25/2013The simple, fool-proof, casual Thanksgiving fit
11/22/2013The Unrefinery Hierarchy of Fictitious Alcohol Spokesmen
11/13/2013Before They Pass Away
11/4/2013Retro Moto Style
11/1/2013The Syrian James Bond
10/30/2013Hey Intuit, HOW ABOUT NO
10/15/2013Landmark moments in New England Patriots fashion
10/11/2013Eat an apple with a knife
10/2/2013Three signs that the NHL season is officially under way
9/27/2013Important Chart 001: Coffee, tweed, magic
9/18/2013There are reporters, and then there are reporters.
9/13/2013Back-to-Campus Haiku: An Ode to the Greek System
9/2/2013Inconvenient Truths, volume 1
8/2/2013LEGO Architecture Studio is the awesomest thing ever
7/22/2013Actual, unedited post about Ryan Gosling from GQ magazine's blog. With bonus photo of GQ editorial staff.
6/21/2013On the sacking of George Zimmer
6/17/2013NBA Finals Wardrobe Report
6/7/2013Great moments in design: The Split-Flap Display
6/3/2013Don't you die on us, J.C. Penney
5/22/2013Mailbag: Is it time to give up Fast Fashion?
5/6/2013Bashar al-Assad is one sorry excuse for a strongman
4/26/2013Time to update that gallery of Famous People Wearing Armani Exchange
4/10/2013The Defense of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
4/5/2013The sorry state of online menswear discourse
3/1/2013An Unrefinery Haiku: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
1/28/2013France in Mali: Kick Ass, Take Noms
1/9/2013A note on the Missoni tragedy
1/4/2013Vintage Menswear: A Collection from the Vintage Showroom
12/19/2012Ten Facts About JOE BIDEN
11/28/2012If your suit looks dated, you bought the wrong suit.
11/16/2012On the wearing of striped scarves
11/14/2012We See What You Did There, Hackett
11/12/2012Necktie width: to have and have knot
11/9/2012The Louis Vuitton Prosperity Rule
10/12/2012No NHL Week: A new cover for NHL 13
10/10/2012No NHL Week: The Movies
10/7/2012No NHL Week: Minor-League Jerseys
10/3/2012The boys watch the girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by...
9/7/2012Happy Trails, Car Talk
9/3/2012Glossary: shamburger
7/27/2012Don't be that iPad camera guy
7/20/2012John Varvatos gets age-appropriateness
7/16/2012Ralph Lauren's 2012 Olympic Collection 0, Suitsupply 1
6/28/2012Packing P0rn
6/22/2012First exploding underwear, now crappy watches
6/13/2012The suits of Skyfall
6/8/2012No sympathy for the Devils
5/21/2012Hoodies don't have to Zuck
5/9/2012Who, What, Wear @ Studio Museum in Harlem
4/4/2012GQ, imaginary colour trends, and fashion vs. style
3/28/2012Why nobody's impressed by your luxury crap
3/21/2012The '70s might be back. Just not quite like that.
3/19/2012A belated Happy St. Patrick's Day
3/16/2012How did we lose our competitive edge in cleavage?
3/14/2012Glossary: apphole
3/12/2012MM & BR: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
2/27/2012Syrian Freedom Fighter Style
2/24/2012Ah, the warm colours of spri...OW MY F**KIN' EYES
2/6/2012Wasting time in the H&M dressing room
2/3/2012The future of tobacco
2/1/2012The influence of costume dramas
1/6/2012Haiku: That Rockin' Santorum Tucked-In Gutbillowing Sweater Vest, Giant Blouse And Pleated Pant Look
1/4/2012Announcing the Unrefilter
1/2/2012Chris Wragge: get some sprezz, son
12/30/2011The WSJ and the search for quality cashmere
12/14/2011Van Heusen ad asks you to help poor Deion
12/2/2011Introducing The Unrefinery Poster Series
11/21/2011Movember: just say mo
11/18/2011Why we pick on Apple cultists
11/9/2011How will you celebrate International Corduroy Day?
11/7/2011We're gonna miss Herman Cain
11/4/2011Mailbag: The Cravat vs. "There Are No Stupid Questions"
10/24/2011Gimme Shelter (Magazines)
10/14/2011Best Halloween costume ever
10/10/2011"Street Style" has well and truly jumped the shark
10/7/2011Scoring the retro NHL jerseys
10/5/2011'60s-Themed Shows, We Hardly Knew Ye
9/28/2011Deluxe and the defence of Hermès
9/16/2011Saab and Jaguar are betting on bland
8/29/2011The Mainstreaming Of The Smelly Hipster
8/19/2011"Where Is The Cool?" Magazine features Shia Labeouf. Keep looking, guys.
8/17/2011England riots: Worst. Hoodlums. EVER.
7/22/2011The Perfect Suit, from BBC4
7/11/2011This is why we pick on Dwell.
7/4/2011The Best of Unrefinery, Volume 2
6/22/2011What Not To Wear, courtesy of the Times
6/13/2011Why $16 deodorant isn't as stupid as it sounds
6/3/2011How to carry your tote / duffel bag
5/30/2011Obama wears Tom Ford. No, the other one.
5/25/2011Made In America: The Shoes
5/23/2011GQ: We get Glee, they get Bryan Ferry
5/18/2011Mailbag: Is it time to give up the earrings?
5/16/2011From Hugo Boss to Hugh Jass
4/4/2011We want to dress like an insurance salesman.
3/30/2011Eco-Gentrification: It looked good on paper...
3/23/2011Shat happens (in a kick-ass sport coat)
3/16/2011Unrefinery Presents: The Three Whitest Things Known To Mankind
3/7/2011Mardi Gras Party Stylin'
3/2/2011Mailbag: What the f**k, John Galliano
2/28/2011Our one token Oscar-related observation
2/21/2011BBC News Magazine asks: Are work suits on the way out?
2/18/2011Whatever happened to style? (Apparently the Europeans took it?)
2/14/2011Why Hosni Mubarak had to go
2/1/2011Well that's it for Armani Exchange, then.
1/24/2011The Peacock Male: Exuberance and Extremes in Masculine Dress
1/17/2011Are women's magazines doing more harm than good?
1/14/2011Lessons from the JFK Library digital archive
12/20/2010Mailbag: Fitz and the Tantrums
12/10/2010Dwell Magazine on Tron: Legacy
11/15/2010Bernie Madoff: money can't buy taste
11/1/2010The Wall Street Journal on three-piece suits
10/25/2010"Cause" design shouldn't have to suck.
10/22/2010Bryan Ferry vs. David Bowie: How to dress your age (or not)
10/20/2010Rise Up, Eco Warriors
10/15/2010Why we're sick of MAD MEN
10/8/2010The battle of the $10 magazines, 2010 edition
10/1/2010American Look: the classic love letter to mid-century design
9/15/2010Wall Street, then and now
9/6/2010Andy Williams is The Jesus of Cool
8/25/2010Makeover Fail
8/9/2010Dressing deplorably as a PR ploy
8/2/2010The ABC News iPad app is a stinking heap of FAIL.
6/18/2010CNBC's brilliant information display of BP FAIL
6/11/2010Disco Dave Is On The Scene
5/28/2010Seal accessory fail
5/10/2010Look At This F**king Hipster: The Book
4/26/2010Can we get on a 1968 Pan Am flight to Rome?
3/15/2010We want to order from the 1897 Sears Roebuck & Co. Catalogue
3/1/2010Dress Code WIN
2/17/2010Vancouver and native art: traditional modernity
2/10/2010How to be an aging rocker
2/8/2010GQ Magazine demonstrates why we do this s**t
1/29/2010John Boehner is the opposite of cool
1/27/2010Craig Ferguson's style: don't try this at home
12/29/2009Killer underwear: pathetic.
12/26/2009Mailbag: NBA Uniforms
12/23/2009The Spirit of Competition
12/18/2009Met Home has met its end. Dwell, take note.
12/11/2009An Unrefinery Haiku: A Modest Proposal
11/30/2009Mary Queen of Shops vs. H.T. Burt
11/23/2009The silk petri dish: no s**t, media.
11/16/2009I Love A Governor-General In Uniform
11/2/2009Hugo Boss, meet Deiter Underling
10/30/2009Vampires used to kick ass.
10/16/2009Why no men's style shows?
9/24/2009An Unrefinery Haiku: BMW M3 Owners
9/18/2009French neckties lose out to deadly flu
9/10/2009An Unrefinery Haiku: The Retro Jackass
9/7/2009The Awesomeness of Soviet Propaganda Art
9/2/2009The Well-Dressed Mr. Ripley
7/6/2009Sarah Stolfa: The Regulars
7/3/2009Unfortunate Clothing Company Names
7/1/2009The Canadian Design Resource
6/25/2009Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
6/22/2009Preppy style: it's a JOKE, people...
6/19/2009Iran Untied
6/5/2009The Wayfinding Handbook
6/1/2009Get Your Canada On
5/27/2009The anti-endorsement
5/6/2009When good songs sell terrible clothes
5/1/2009Best dressed in the playoffs
4/2/2009Get A Tailor 2: POTUS Edition
4/1/2009White Pants: Don't try this at home
3/23/2009The Official Unrefinery Enemies List, Part 1
3/18/2009Mailbag: Hair Gunk
3/13/2009Data Flow
2/26/2009FAIL Stickers
2/19/2009George Tooker at PAFA
2/10/2009Complex: Mea Culpa
1/26/2009In Praise of High Maintenance
1/6/2009Seriously? Eddie Izzard is in Valkyrie?
1/2/2009Toronto's disgrace at 10 years
12/31/2008LIFE Magazine and military cool
12/19/2008Glossary: Phooey Vuitton
12/12/2008Gents' Magazines for Hunter-Gatherers
12/5/2008Unrefinery's Favourite Christmas Albums
11/25/2008DETAILS is a parody of itself
11/14/2008The Impossible Cool
11/13/2008The Art and Colour of General Motors
11/11/2008The Soundtrack of Unrefinery
11/3/2008Men's Vogue In Retreat
10/29/2008Slow Signs of Prefab Progress
10/27/2008Don Cherry is... er... 'fancy'
10/22/2008Forecast: Ice Age
9/28/2008Old-time hockey! Toe Blake!
9/8/2008Phoenix: You Aren't Doing It Right
8/11/2008Prefab @ MoMA: Not There Yet