The Archive: 2008

December 2008
31LIFE Magazine and military cool
27Hoodies redux: wear with care
26Mailbag: Cardigan under a pinstripe suit?
24Woven collared shirts under zip knits
19Glossary: Phooey Vuitton
15Mailbag: Layers of Sweaters
12Special Report: Gents' Magazines for Hunter-Gatherers
10Cotton + dry clean only = Fail
8Luxury Car Stocking Stuffers
5Special Report: Unrefinery's Favourite Christmas Albums
3Porsche Panamera
2Happy Birthday, Gianni Versace
1Warming Up To Hoodies

November 2008
28An idea for the US auto industry
26Special Report: Holiday Gifts for Women
25DETAILS is a parody of itself
24Ikea Steps Up
21Honda Insight (into unoriginality)
20The Alain Mikli Grandfather Clause
19What We've Learned from Tom Ford
18Stop the goddamn presses! Hugo Boss sale!
14The Impossible Cool
13The Art and Colour of General Motors
12Unpimped Zee MPG?
11The Soundtrack of Unrefinery
10No Presidential Pleats
9What are we, the Cannon Blazor channel?
7The Here and Nau
5No button-down collars. Ever.
3Men's Vogue In Retreat

October 2008
31High End / Low End: Full-Button Sweaters
29Slow Signs of Prefab Progress
27Don Cherry is... er... 'fancy'
24Old Navy: Not Just Cheap Fleece
22Forecast: Ice Age
15Classy skateboard shoes: oxymoronic?
13The Lost Art of the Cool Office
8Obama Knows What Time It Is
7G-Star Cannon Blazor [sic]: Forget It
6Mailbag: Cardigan Buttoning Strategies
3Even John Travolta managed a comeback
1Ne-Yo Reclaims Sweater Vest

September 2008
29Mailbag: You Have To Stand Up Sometime
28Old-time hockey! Toe Blake!
26A.P.C.: Will Model For Food
24Fisker's Luxury Plug-In Hybrid
18Mailbag: Black Not Big in Parents' Basement
16Black on Black on Black...
15G-Star Raw
13The People Have Spoken
11Prada Corduroy Suit: Could Go Either Way
8Phoenix: You Aren't Doing It Right
4The '70s: Solid
3An Ode To Brown
1Mailbag: Turtle or Mock?

August 2008
28Mailbag: Three Button Suits
26Nissan GT-R: So close, and yet...
22HUGO: Diese Deutschen sind komische Leute!!!
21J. Crew Is Still Lame
19Knit Military Coats. Cool.
17Special Report: Tipped Cardigans
16Real Designers Don't Pop
14Dinky Collars Must Be Stopped
13Mailbag: End-on-End Cotton
11Prefab @ MoMA: Not There Yet
8TV in bed. In the living room.
6Glossary: Drillhole
5Low-Tech Hybrid: T-Shirt Polo
4John McCain = Hypocrite
1Mailbag: Necktie Alternative?

July 2008
31Mailbag: Scooter Stylin'
30Unpainted Carbon Fibre
28Louis Vuitton Hunts For Male Buyers
26Jetta TDI Clean Diesel
24Zegari Barcelona Bag
22Special Report: Strategies for Affordable Suits
20The Modern Fan Company
18HP 2133 Mini-Note
17Another Nail in the Necktie's Coffin
14The Creeping Rot of Screenprint
11Mailbag: Hugo Boss Suits vis-a-vis The Banana
10Mailbag: Co-ed Unrefinery?
9Infiniti G37 Coupe
7Theory: What's The Point?
4High End / Low End: Cotton Blazers
3Compact Fluorescent Lamps
1Azure: Canada's Design Magazine

June 2008
27Special Report: Vanity Sizing for Menswear
26Volvo C30
24Once You Go Barack...
23Krejci Tire Bags
19Nau is Nau More
16Mailbag: James Bond Wears Ted Baker
13Urban Outfitters
12DWR Is Just Mocking Us
11Zune 80GB
9'Mismatched' Camper Twins
5Lightweight Cotton Blazers
4Suburban Bicyclists
2Mailbag: Ugly Retro Footware

May 2008
28Boot-Cut Chinos
24Mailbag: Stanley Blacker Shoes
13Hotel Place d'Armes, Montreal
9The Iconic Hockey Shirt
6The Great Boxer Brief Round-Up
2Fish in a Barrel

April 2008
30Overpriced Luxury Watches
26One Really Great White Shirt
24Eddie Bauer Trousers
23Amazon Kindle
17Modern Planters
16Spring-Weight Sweaters
9Playstation Dualshock 3 Controller
8Wide Ties, and Ties in General
5Clae Shoes
4Audi R8
3Hugo Boss Spring / Summer Collection

March 2008
31Design Within Reach
27Porsches That Aren't 911s

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