The Archive: 2009

December 2009
31Special Report: The Unrefinery Award for 2009: Old Navy
29Killer underwear: pathetic.
28Mailbag: Tote This
26Mailbag: NBA Uniforms
23The Spirit of Competition
21Mailbag: Holiday Style
18Met Home has met its end. Dwell, take note.
16Have a cowl, man.
14Holland Esquire coats: collect them all
11An Unrefinery Haiku: A Modest Proposal
7Does Coach still make luggage?
4"Banana Republic" DOES sound like the name of a gay bar.
2Special Report: Holiday Gifts for Women, 2009 Recession Edition

November 2009
30Mary Queen of Shops vs. H.T. Burt
27Know Your Outlet Store
25Lands' End Canvas
23The silk petri dish: no s**t, media.
20Peace Out, Sy
18In praise of the rubber sole
16I Love A Governor-General In Uniform
13Hyden Yoo at Urban Outfitters
11Special Report: Retro Electronics Design
9The Battle of the Olympic Outfitters
6Jimmy Choo for H&M
4Special Report: ModernTailor.com made-to-measure shirts
2Hugo Boss, meet Deiter Underling

October 2009
30Vampires used to kick ass.
28Fiat: We're Concerned
26Lapel's Show
23Cords II: Electric Boogaloo
21Printed Plimsolls: it's summer somewhere
19Mailbag: charcoal pants with navy blazer
16Why no men's style shows?
14Cashmere Sweatshirts: Never go Full Retard
12Choose your plaid wisely, son.
9The Lacrosse Might Not Suck
7Special Report: Budget Picks For Fall
5Update: Jil Sander at Uniqlo
2Chambray Work Shirts

September 2009
30Jil Sander at Uniqlo
28Mailbag: Recycling worn-out shirts
25Puffer vests fail in every decade
24An Unrefinery Haiku: BMW M3 Owners
23Varvatos on-line, really expensive
21Mailbag: Duckie Brown for Florsheim
18French neckties lose out to deadly flu
16Mailbag: Cole, Rood & Haan
14Art Belts
11Mailbag: Just a scarf and suit?
10An Unrefinery Haiku: The Retro Jackass
9What makes a piece interesting?
7The Awesomeness of Soviet Propaganda Art
4Bernard Oyama NYC
2The Well-Dressed Mr. Ripley

August 2009
31Bar Cuff Links
28Smart Car: maximum FAIL per gallon
27Lands' End is slimming down
26Checking in with our man Ralph
24Special Report: The MyTailor.com custom shirt experience
21Der HUGO Torturshoesensteinen
19America Achieves Ironic Hipness
14Diesel Sports Cars
12Official Harvard University Prepwear
10Mailbag: Retirement Shoes
7Nau Riding Jacket
5Mailbag: Paint My Mini
3Quilt by association

July 2009
31Novatel MiFi: one hot spot to go
29Yes, it's the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.
27Special Report: White Layering T-Shirts
24The state of the pocket square
22Enough with the final sales
20Mailbag: Christian Audigier Must Be Stopped
17The Phone Is The Computer
15Mailbag: Big Stupid Belt Buckles
13Lacoste Dials It Up
1060 Years of Desert Boots
8Again with the animal water
6Sarah Stolfa: The Regulars
3Unfortunate Clothing Company Names
1The Canadian Design Resource

June 2009
29Shawl Cardigans Keep Rolling
25Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
24Mailbag: The Summer Scarf
22Preppy style: it's a JOKE, people...
19Iran Untied
17Mailbag: 2009 Sunglass Trends
15Special Report: The Bonobos Interview
12Stephen Colbert's Awesome Camo Suit
10The webbing belt peril
8Special Report: Brown Cap-Toe Oxfords
5The Wayfinding Handbook
4Lands' End "pimp-hands" the Crew
3The Güerobera, 2009 Edition
1Special Report: Get Your Canada On

May 2009
29Mailbag: Shoes from clothing brands?
27The anti-endorsement
25Casual Canvas Shoes
22Mailbag: Affordable Watches
20Special Report: Cotton Suits
18Matthew Williamson for H&M
15Shops We Like: Men a la Mode
13A.P.C. x Liberty: guys always get hosed
11Toyota FJ Cruiser: get 'em while they last
8Mailbag: Pedicurious
6When good songs sell terrible clothes
4Special Report: Saddle Tan Overnight Bags
1Best dressed in the playoffs

April 2009
29Tonight on ABC News: Neckties and Collars
27There's nothing wrong with carpet
24H&M's day in the sun?
22How to decorate like a dork
20Mailbag: What kind of watch band?
17Boss Green: VIER!!!
15French Connection Spring/Summer 2009
13Your Biggest Fan
10The Phat Ride Messenger Bag
8ASOS Style Bulletin
7Fiat 500
6That's some refreshing piddle
3Tesla Model S
2Get A Tailor 2: POTUS Edition
1White Pants: Don't try this at home

March 2009
30Pee-Wee's Poorhouse
27Happy birthday to us
25Mailbag: What NOT to buy at Ikea
23Special Report: The Official Unrefinery Enemies List, Part 1
20Another Cheap Car Idea
18Mailbag: Hair Gunk
16Dial it back, Ralph
13Data Flow
11Green Audis Planned
9Mailbag: Can I button up my polo?
6Mailbag: Cheap New Cars
5Mailbag: Cufflink Alternatives
4Black on Black: Don't Loose Faith
3Rough Knit Jacket, 2009 Edition
2Urban Rally Cars: Lancer Evo FTW

February 2009
27Kindle 2
26FAIL Stickers
25Ask Dr. Wrinkle
24General Motors' Saab Story
23Coventry Fall 2009
20Mailbag: Are Tom Ford Suits worth it?
19George Tooker at PAFA
18Shops we like: ASOS
16Mailbag: Three-button suits really OK?
13Layered Knits at Costume National
12Vaio P and a prediction
11Special Report: Unrefinery 101: Get a tailor
10Complex: Mea Culpa
9Looser Clothes Are Coming
6Suit Linings: The Hidden Agenda
4Why buy shredded clothing?
3Mailbag: Sweater Sizing for Athletic Fit
2Unusable Interior Design

January 2009
30Original Penguin: Spring 2009
29Vaio P: Best-Looking Notebook Ever
28A.P.C. Spring 2009
26Special Report: In Praise of High Maintenance
22Inaugural Hat. No, not that one.
21BR Spring 2009: A New Wrinkle?
20The 2010 Taurus is not a Chrysler 300
19Boss Black Spring/Summer 2009
16We Dig Tim Hamilton
14Retail Excavations: Nau Chin-Nos
12Mailbag: Shawl Collars? Really?
9Retail Excavations: Urban Outfitters
7IKEA's appliances: not KRÅPPI
6Seriously? Eddie Izzard is in Valkyrie?
5Mailbag: Wearing a scarf with a suit
2Toronto's disgrace at 10 years

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