March 25, 2011  ·  design

20 Hangers Wardrobe

Alice Rosignoli's 20 Hangers Wardrobe is an example of how the elegant simplicity of an idea will sometimes allow us to forgive its impracticalities. Twenty wooden hangers, each attached to four feet of black rope, hang from your ceiling by a sculptural loop. Now, this isn't the best thing for your clothes—one pictures a lot of crunched collars and wrinkled wovens, and your suitmaker will probably stop returning your calls once he sees what you've done—but it would sure look cool hanging in a corner of an urban loft. And it got us thinking: What if you decided to limit yourself to a 20-hanger wardrobe, perhaps to store at a second home in a favourite city. Could you do it? Of what would it be comprised? How many suits, coats, shirts, and trousers would you allow yourself? We're not sure we're ready to pay $200 to find out, but it's kind of a fun exercise, and that part is totally free.

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