June 8, 2015  ·  design  ·  tech

60 Years of the Citroen DS

A nice feature on Al Jazeera celebrates the 60-year anniversary of the amazing Citroën DS. Achingly beautiful in a futuristic way that held up over time to become Jetsons-esque retro-futuristic, the car was also packed with technological innovations. Its hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension was unique to Citroën, and the use of hydraulics extended to the clutch and transmission. Rear turn signals were mounted up at the roofline for better visibility. By 1967 the car had gained steerable headlights. The DS also proved to be a remarkably versatile platform; you could cruise in the convertible version, make deliveries in the truck-like wagon, or win the Rallye Monte Carlo in the sedan. As a confluence of exquisite design, technology and capability, the DS remains unique. We may never see its like again.

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