August 15, 2016  ·  style

A quick guide to loafer socks

It's been 5 years since Unrefinery talked about loafer socks, and frankly the only thing that's new is the shifting of priorities that comes with age. No longer giving a f*ck about possible shoe damage. A lot more interested in being comfortable.

You still want to wear as much sock as you can, based on your chosen loafer style, without any bit being visible around the edges of your ankle. More sock equals better absorbency, and less sock decreases the chance of everything staying put. Banana Republic's cheap loafer socks, usually found on sale for under $6/pair, are still the thickest and highest available while still being useful. At the opposite end of the scale are Falke's invisible socks, which barely hook over your toes and rise halfway up your heel with a little rubber gripper to hold them more or less in place. Normally found at around $15/pair, which seems like a lot for a few inches of cotton and elastic but frankly is as no-show as you're going to get. Residing at a decent middle ground, Saks Fifth Avenue's house brand is available at middle weight and middle rise. Also around $15.

If these things fit right the colour shouldn't matter, but you never know when there might be a slippage incident. Try to have pairs that generally match the predominant shades of your summer shoes.

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