November 16, 2015  ·  style

A Second Look at Everlane

It's been a couple of years since Unrefinery delivered a big "meh" at Everlane's t-shirts and skinny belts, but a lot has changed since then: their business model, their pricing, and most notably their expanded product offerings. At $65 their merino v-neck is competitively priced and turns out to be pretty damn nice. It's thin but not sheer—even the light heather grey was sufficiently opaque to not reveal a patterned shirt beneath. The fit is flattering and the wool is the blend of softness and resiliency you look for in this staple layering piece. If there's a knit to be picked (get it?) it's that the prominent seam stitching is a bit sweatshirt-esque. And, of course, there are limited colour choices. An easy choice at a price point populated primarily by mall brands.

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