Well those are hella nice. Probably wear 'em all summer with everything.

Santoni. $600. Jeez.

(three months later)

Don't these things ever go on sale?

Must be something similar for half that price.

No, screw that, every time I'd look at them I'd be all "dammit, I really wanted the Santonis".

God dammmit.

(28-page search of Yoox sale section)

"Leonardo Principi". $94.

Kinda ordinary but the same idea, I guess.

Who the f*ck is Leonardo Principi?

Probably not a good sign that they feel the need to clarify "100% real leather".

That asymmetrical "penny notch" was better.

And the heel stitching.

On the other hand, f*ck it, there's kids in the world who don't even HAVE shoes.

Good enough.

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