This photo, which you probably don't need to be told was taken at Pitti Uomo, is in keeping with the event a bit over-the-top but nonetheless serves as a useful demonstration of how angles affect the wearer's perceived proportions.

Generally speaking, lines in menswear are oriented to emphasize height—pinstripes are always vertical, both neckties and open collars form narrow V-shapes, and so on. One of the reasons not everyone can wear double-breasted coats is that the angle of DB lapels is by necessity more horizontal than in single-breasted models. Similarly, cutaway collars create a wider, more horizontal angle that emphasizes width; this is exacerbated when the proportion of band height to collar point length is low. Which brings us to this photo of two gents, who are probably of a normal height and reasonable fitness but whose broad, almost 45-degree lapels and short, broad collars are working against this perception.

This was a learning moment for Unrefinery as well, where Tom Ford and 1970s fandom had us all thinking that there's no such thing as too-wide lapels. So much for that theory.

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