March 24, 2014  ·  style

Affordable linen blazers

On the surface the purchase of a linen jacket probably doesn't seem to pass a cost-to-benefit analysis. The relaxed, wrinkle-prone material is too casual to wear to work, and unless you live in a perpetually warm environment you can probably only wear it 3 or 4 months out of the year. The way to tilt the formula back towards practicality is to pick a neutral, versatile colour and to not spend a lot on the item in the first place. You'll find it useful on cool mornings and as a go-to layer for evening events. Three affordable options from left to right: Uniqlo cotton/linen blend in light blue micro check [$70]. L.L.Bean Signature cotton/linen blend in tan [$179]. Suitsupply 100% linen in medium brown [$399].

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