December 4, 2013  ·  style

American-Made Trousers from Jomers

You'd be surprised at the price-to-quality ratio attainable for American manufacturing when a desire for obscene profits is removed from the equation. Jomers trousers are made in New York and at even a 50% markup over cost of goods their pants are still under $60 shipped. Unrefinery evaluated the Belginos chinos [$54] and as advertised they are tremendously soft with a close but not tight straight-leg fit. This particular pant is a casual, lightweight Belgian twill cotton ideal for warm weather but a set of corduroy options is also available. Nice details include a subtle contrast tack on the point pocket and a metal slide closure.

Meyer from Jomers tells us that the sourcing of premium fabrics is a focus of the brand and we can expect the spring/summer collection to feature pants and shorts made from Italian seersucker, English oxford, and Japanese chambray.

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