The prospect of creating a clothing collection based on a period piece is, by its very definition, going to yield some dated and costumey stuff. A willingness to be "inspired by" the source material, rather than to replicate, is the best bet and in the case of Banana Republic's attempt resulted in a couple of pleasant surprises. Brooks Brothers' Great Gatsby collection is a bit of both, and while some is unwearable in any context, there are a few staple pieces that BB really should have been producing all along as part of their summer collections. Naturally almost all cost more than they should. Give 'em time. Left to right: Tan wool & linen jacket [$698] in a first-rate summer blend. Shawl cardigan [$148] in an uncommon green with interesting trim. (Pro tip: don't wear it like that.) Silk-and-linen blend tattersall vest [$248].

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