August 24, 2011  ·  design  ·  tech

A.P.C.: New Site, New Collection

We've given A.P.C. a lot of crap in recent days over their comic misfires and their battered models. And although we're confident they couldn't give une merde about our opinion either way, the truth is, the new collection marks a return to what we think Touitou & co. have always done best: take classic menswear patterns and silhouettes and gently, subtly, stylishly update them to fit into a younger man's wardrobe. They've achieved it here with pieces such as a beautiful wool vest coat (middle) and Prince of Wales plaid trousers, and at the same time updated their website (left) to be a tremendous improvement—much easier to categorically navigate, with a lot less paging through emaciated underage Frogs in the process. That said, it wouldn't be a too-cool-for-vous A.P.C. experience if there weren't some notable deterrent to actually making a purchase (besides the pricing) and sure enough, the fit pictures (right) seem determined to showcase the pieces in the worst possible light (we'll call this The Dunhill Effect). Styling aside, the clothes look great and at the first sign of a sale, we're going in.

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