As banal as women's magazines are, we're happy to leave them alone as their primary mission appears to suit us: almost every article seems to lecture dames on the importance of attracting and satisfying guys. It's as if we were writing this stuff ourselves. The problem comes when they try to advise women on how to dress the men in their lives, because as this Glamour "Dos & Don'ts" feature shows, they can have truly horrendous taste. The "don'ts" are obvious (more like "never actually seen in real lifes", really), but the "do's" are very much "don't" as well... from Chris Pine's "look at me, I'm an urban lumberjack" overshirt to John Legend in his sister's sweater to the guy on the right whose ill-fitting peacoat and untucked t-shirt say "they gave me a haircut, some white Hanes and a trip to Goodwill when I left the homeless shelter this morning." We're fans of the advice these magazines give to women. Just be wary of the unsolicited suggestions directed at us.

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