May 21, 2010  ·  style

Baracuta Harrington

Summer's nearly here, and cool evening breezes are why they made the Baracuta Harrington, an utterly classic short cotton jacket from Britain. The real thing is $200-$300; knock-offs can be had for under $100. In some ways the imitations can be a better choice. An authentic Baracuta Harrington (left, J.Crew, $275) is a little on the bulky/boxy side, and even the company's "slim fit" update (center) is by today's standards frankly not all that slim. Also, the tartan plaid lining doesn't go with everything and the prominent elastic waistband is a bit dated. Consider the Lands' End Canvas "homage" (right), available in the only two proper colours (navy and a British tan) for $70. We're not saying the real thing isn't better, it just might not be $205 better or particularly more wearable.

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