You find out what a man is really made of when he becomes the militant nutbag leader of a low-rent country. One of the perks of being a strongman is that you have the freedom to establish your own dress code with the access to materials and financial resources to make it happen. Which makes Syria's Bashar al-Assad all the more pitiful. Although his lack of a chin and comically long neck are contributing factors to why he looks terrible in every photo, his suit selection shows that he isn't really trying—any tailor, or even his inexplicably hot wife, must have told him that the dated big low lapel notch and ill-fitting shoulders aren't helping. Apparently he doesn't care. Clearly it's time for this guy to go.

In contrast, the late Muammar al-Gaddafi also looked terrible in every photo, but at least he went for it: he bought a bunch of dresses from Lane Bryant, had matching hats made, rounded up an all-female team of bodyguards and dressed them like Michael Jackson's backup dancers. That right there is how you roll.

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