May 1, 2013  ·  style

Beyond Redemption, Volume 1

The fashion industry's business model is predicated upon public acceptance of the idea that the clothes you own will periodically be deemed unwearable, requiring you to buy new crap, which in turn will eventually give way to some variation of all that stuff you gave away to Goodwill in the first place. And while some previously hopeless styles have undergone radical modernization and emerged truly renewed—the double breasted suit comes to mind—we need to accept that others are down for the count... and good riddance. From left to right:
  1. Square toed loafers. Jesus... Kenneth F**king Cole...
  2. Pleated trousers. It's hard to blame the fashion industry for this one. This attempt at a resurgence is largely driven by old dudes in denial.
  3. Scarves knotted so that the front creates a sort of bib. (Bonus items from same photo: weak mustaches, and whatever that kind of hat that is.)

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