Brooks Brothers just previewed their Fall 2011 Black Fleece collection, and while we'll never understand Thom Browne's obsession with comically short jackets and sleeves, his knitwear for BB is kind of a guilty pleasure, combining really nice materials with classic menswear patterns and textures. The signature design cue of Black Fleece sweaters is unusually wide hem and cuff bands, and although it's not for everyone, we kind of dig it. In its tonal incarnations it's a nice extension of what Tom Ford does, and when applied with more contrast, it has the potential to visually alter the torso-to-lower-body proportions of the wearer. The latter is probably what a dwarf like Browne himself is after. Regardless, the other consistent attribute of this line is that every piece costs about three times what we'd be willing to pay for it. Fortunately Brooks Brothers has great sales. We'll wait.

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