We don't like to use the "F" word around here, but suede shoes in rich colours have been f**hionable for a couple of years now. What's interesting is not the trendiness itself, but the subsequent market saturation that results in what we're REALLY after: a breadth of buying choices. The most commonly appearing variant would be the ubiquitous bucks, which are OK, but there are more interesting options. Left to right: Clarks Desert Boots. Possibly the greatest casual footwear of all time. Calvin Klein captoes. Great-looking stacked rubber sole. Fratelli Rossetti Venetians. Damn right they push the limits of good taste, but imagine rolling seaside in that full-on Riviera pimp steez with these, your favourite white shirt and linen trousers. F**k yeah. Whichever you choose, don't go out and get a blue belt. Pick a shoe with a contrasting sole and/or contrast brown laces, and match your belt to that.

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