July 31, 2017  ·  style

Boglioli A/W 2017

If there's a formula for a successful and memorable seasonal menswear collection, it would go something like this:

  1. Solid, contemporary variants on beloved classics,
  2. Thematic introduction of an unexpected element, and
  3. At least one or two things that push the envelope, demonstrating a willingness to take creative risks.

Item 1 is always a given for the immaculately finished Boglioli. This time around item 2 is an expansion of greens and teals into the autumnal palette. While bottle green corduroy trousers have always been a classic fall staple, here the greens are expanded into related hues, in other materials and on other garments. The most jewel-like tones are incorporated into jacket and outerwear patterns, to beautiful effect.

Pursuant to item 3, the collection culminates with what appears to be a brown wool flannel tuxedo. No guts = no glory, right?

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