October 17, 2012  ·  style

Boutique Tozzi, Montreal

The best shopping experience is a well-curated shopping experience. Joey Tozzi's Boutique Tozzi in Montreal has a modern, coherent vision while not limiting the shop's appeal—brands like Oliver Spencer, Varvatos, and J.Lindeberg span borderline rustic to tailored and urban. Some unexpected surprises include a wide collection of sunglasses from more traditional luxury lines like Dior, Tom Ford, and Gucci, which share shelf space with bracelets from local Montreal jeweler Blood Stone. Joey describes his price point as "not offensively expensive", and the broad selection of sweaters around $150 and coats in the $400s is quite reasonable for investment quality pieces. Particularly in a trendy neighbourhood full of high-end dining and mere blocks from Harry Rosen and their $1,100 Cucinelli cashmere. Check them out if you're in town.

Photo: Joey Tozzi in his shop. (Sorry about the Simons bag we threw on your countertop, man.)

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