June 15, 2017  ·  design

Briefcase Sale at Floto

A current flash sale at Floto finds a wide range of their Italian-made leather and canvas goods greatly reduced in price. The briefcase, messenger and field page is full of solid discounts, with the Venezia Slim (long a Team Unrefinery favourite) discounted from its already competitive $230 to below $150. Light weight and simple of design, its dimensions of 17"x12"x4" are suitable for both daily office use and thrifty day trips. Collect them all. OK, maybe not the red and blue variants. But totally the others.

As is expected with Floto, the provided shoulder strap is about as wide and comfortable as the wire on a cheese cutter. So if you plan to sling it, budget in another $63 for their Grande Strap.

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