Bryan Ferry and David Bowie are about the same age—65 and 63, respectively. They both appeared in the early 70s and wore a lot of outlandish nonsense during the glam-rock era. By the mid-80s, however, Ferry noticed that he'd turned 40 and decided to refine his wardrobe, becoming sort of the James Bond of lush rock. David Bowie, on the other hand, carried on chasing the very latest trends in mall-rat/hipster fashion, and the contrast between these two icons demonstrates the importance of dressing age-appropriately. Nowadays Ferry comes across as a suave veteran. Bowie increasingly looks like that creepy old guy who shows up for beer blasts at the frat where he partied in the 60s. The lesson here is that wearing clothes too young for you will actually make you look older...which seems obvious, but clearly not everyone is getting the message.

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