October 7, 2009  ·  style

Budget Picks For Fall

Global recession still on? Sure looks like it. Well, you need some new stuff for fall, and since our feelings about brown are already well documented, here are a few wallet-friendly and versatile pieces that will serve you well in the cooler months. Get all three for under $100 total. From left to right:

Lands' End Tailored Widewale Cords | $25
These are seriously heavy duty, but soft and luxurious too. The trend these days is torwards fine-wale cords, but we want that old-school FWIP FWIP FWIP when you walk in them. The ridiculously low price comes with free hemming, too.

H&M Scarf | $13
Most of France's ideas have turned out better than the Maginot Line. One is the concept of wearing a scarf under almost any circumstances. This is a great lightweight piece that you can knot up tight or loosely drape as the temperature requires.

L.L.Bean Double L Cotton Cardigan | $40
A nice warm knit that holds its shape well. Soft and comfortable. We like the fact that you can toss it in the wash. Runs a little loose, so thinner types, budget $25 or so to have your tailor take in the sides.

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