December 18, 2014  ·  design  ·  tech

But can it shoot around corners?

Reasonable people may disagree on the necessity of carrying a handgun, but from a strictly functional standpoint there's been very little progress in the design of these things since their invention. This makes the Taurus 180 Curve unique with its clean-sheet rethinking of the concealed carry segment. The weapon was built for purpose, including a very compact size (just over 5" long), a curved frame that sits comfortably against the body, a belt clip that eliminates the need for a holster, and builds in the flashlight and targeting laser that would otherwise be bulky tactical add-ons.

From an aesthetic standpoint it looks kind of cool in a high-tech sort of way, although it clearly won't win you any sartorial street cred when put up against James Bond's Walther PPK or Antonio Banderas' Ruger P90 in Desperado. Its appearance may actually have a practical downside as well, if what appears to be a heavy-duty stapler is regarded as less of a deterrent than Dirty Harry's 44.

Points awarded to Taurus for an innovative design. The only thing stopping it from getting a BUY rating is that Taurus supports the NRA, and f*ck those jerks in particular.

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