June 26, 2013  ·  style

Buyer's guide: yellow

Conventional wisdom says that white is the ultimate summer colour, but one could make an argument for yellow. As we all know, white can actually be worn year-round, whereas there really is no equivalent "winter yellow". This colour in most of its incarnations is highly wearable, but the mistake most make with colours like this is to use too much of it. Like red and orange a little goes a long way, although of course you have a lot more leeway here.

Pantherella Sea Island cotton socks [$20] — It might be your M.O. to go all summer without anything but no-show loafer socks, but if not, these are thin and silky and highly breathable. Don't pay $30+ for the over-the-calf kind. The lower ones are more wearable.

Luxire Made-to-Measure linen shirt in yellow/brown/tan gingham [$130] — Nobody here has had one made yet, but this looks awesome and Luxire has never let us down.

Red Canoe Roundel T-Shirts [$30] — Defies two rules at once by being oversaturated and a printed t-shirt. Available with Canadian and U.S. Airforce emblems, among others, for your early-July patriotic holiday of choice.

Target Mossimo T-Shirt [$10] — Warm, yet sufficiently desaturated to be wearable with most denim hues. A favourite brand and cut for low-budget style enthusiasts that will also layer well with natural linens.

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