August 3, 2015  ·  design  ·  style  ·  tech

Can headphones be stylish?

The idea of headphones as fashion accessories sure looks like an ugly trend, exacerbated by the coupling of Apple Inc. and Beats By Dre to form a sort of vortex of disposable, cheap-looking suck. But as a practical matter, to the frequent user of public transit good closed-back headphones can be a necessary tool in protecting one's sanity—and like it or not they will be prominently placed in and around your head for extended periods of time in public places. They're a part of how you present yourself, for better or worse.

The key here is to choose the sorts of materials (premium) and colours (neutral) that follow the same aesthetics and quality indicators you'd choose for other accessories, wearable or otherwise. Shown: Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 in Ivory: brown leather, brushed stainless, and heavy plastic bits that feel more like ceramic.

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