October 25, 2010  ·  culture  ·  style

"Cause" design shouldn't have to suck.

Is there some unwritten rule that "cause" clothing designs have to suck? You are unfortunately looking at the NHL's official "Hockey Fights Cancer" necktie. This hideous purple and navy-striped monstrosity is, believe it or not, the best looking HFC item of the bunch, which is a dubious distinction to say the least, as it competes with a couple of effete baseball caps and the kind of t-shirts you'd be ashamed to wash your car with. We understand that "cause" apparel has to be noticeable, but its impact on the cause is seriously mitigated by the fact that nobody will wear it except for the coaches who are league-mandated to do so. They could have done a pale, less saturated lavender "hockey fights cancer" pocket square. Or a pale dress shirt. Or even a high-quality polo with the HFC logo in place of the obligatory embroidered horse or alligator. People would buy them, and actually wear them throughout the year, and their friends would ask about them, and the word would get out.

On a related note, as bad as the tie is on its own, you can guarantee that head coach Lindy Ruff of the pitiful Buffalo Sabres (right) will always find a way to make everything look even worse—and he didn't let us down.

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