We originally approached Charles Tyrwhitt as sort of a budget version of Thomas Pink—classically British-styled shirtmaker, set up shop on Jermyn Street, etc. We've since discovered their really nice knits and well-priced overcoats, moving them somewhat into Hackett territory—a bit of a British answer to Ralph Lauren. You don't have to wait for a sale, either, because let's be honest: as far as we can tell, everything in the store is always on sale. We doubt most of these items have ever been offered at the regular price anywhere. It's funny but it doesn't bother us. They make nice stuff and the eternal, imaginary sale yields genuinely competitive prices. A couple of favourites: Pima cotton polo with self-collar, woven shirting trim, and mother-of-pearl buttons [$79]. Non-iron cutaway slim fit shirt with French cuffs, in royal twill [$69]. Wool covert overcoat with classic velvet collar [$350!].

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