June 16, 2010  ·  style

Cheap crap from Korea

Have you ever been browsing eBay, wading through the sea of counterfeit designer clothes, and come across one of those H&M-looking pieces from an anonymous South Korean manufacturer? And you thought, hey, that looks kind of cool, but I wonder if at that price it can be any good? We had an eBay credit so we took the hit for you, trying out a $60 cotton jacket from The Republic. And actually, the coat was not terrible, looking the same as the advertised item. Exterior stitching was OK. Interior stitching...well, at least nobody can see it. The materials used were thinner than you'd expect for outerwear. As you can see, one of the front pocket buttons was sewn a BIT off target. But the design is pretty cool. We learned that there are some enterprising Koreans out there with some fashion sense. And, ultimately, we also learned that it only costs about $13 to send a lightweight coat back to Korea.

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