November 25, 2011  ·  style

Cheap suede alert

We don't do a lot of sales alerts around here, but we are big on (a) all-season suede shoes with grippy soles and (b) using discounts intended for gift-giving as opportunities to buy crap for ourselves. Here's where these vices intersect to our financial advantage.

L.L.Bean Signature Buck Chukkas — Normally $119, on sale for $70, and use their 10% off portal to get the price down to $63 with free shipping and a $10 gift card. If you've been thinking about trying out desert boots / chukkas in your wardrobe, there won't be a better opportunity than this.

Brooks Brothers Suede Loafers — Normally $198, on sale for $139, with current 20% off promo for $111. Not bad for Italian-made everyday workhorse shoes, right?

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