Brands like Suitsupply and Benjamin Sartorial have done a tremendous service in bringing affordable quality suits down to the $600 range, but we'll acknowledge that to a young person who needs more than one—or who wants to wear a suit casually—the dreaded sub-$400 market might get a look. In the past the usual pitfalls with buying cheap suits from fast-fashion brands were:
  • Fused-to-sh*t construction
  • Lapels of skinny, unsatisfying girth
  • Polyester blends (shudder)
The first issue is greatly mitigated for summer suits, which tend to be minimally structured and will suffer a lot less from having sub-par layers in the upper jacket. The latter two are addressed by new seasonal offerings from Zara and Mango, featuring nicely proportioned lapels and synthetic-free warm-weather blends. All of them work as separates too, increasing their utility. That said, these are still younger man's suits with their lower-rise trousers and generally slim silhouettes throughout.

Zara Indigo Birdseye Double-Breasted Suit [$300] — 80% wool, 20% linen. Up close the texture reads as a sort of slubby birdseye.

Zidane for Mango Florida Suit [$130] — 52% cotton, 48% linen. Available in navy and khaki. The shortest jacket length of the bunch but also the nicest lapel and shoulder cut. Unbeatable price; if it fits you, get both colours.

Mango Cotton Poplin Suit [$240] — 100% cotton. Partially lined, in a beautiful lighter blue. Something resembling pick stitching on the lapels and pocket flaps for junior sartorialist street cred.

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