January 2, 2012  ·  culture  ·  style

Chris Wragge: get some sprezz, son

CBS is pulling the plug on The Early Show, and you might think it has something to do with eternally drowsy Erica Hill's obvious struggles to keep her eyelids open... but no, she's the sole team member coming back for the program's replacement. We're going to blame the overly polished (literally?) Chris Wragge, who demonstrates that being immaculately pressed has a point of diminishing returns. Wragge's clothes are just about always perfectly fitted, squared-off and gleaming, and that's the problem—he looks like he has some sort of emulsion over him; we're reminded of the shiny angular image of Max Headroom, who was supposed to look artificial. He seems like a nice guy and we hate to see anyone get canned, but man, unfold that pocket square. Unbutton something. Get a less shiny tie. Do some f**kin' thing.

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