March 7, 2012  ·  style

Clad: so much for THAT...

Well THAT was quick. Cladmen.com, the high-style clothing venture from JCPenney and Esquire Magazine, didn't even make it to its scheduled shutdown date in April. This is a bummer for us as they had some pretty nice deals on a well-curated set of brands including Vince, Varvatos and Jack Spade. But it's a real downer for JCP, who are in the midst of a massive campaign attempting to re-brand themselves as a place people with taste would actually want to shop. Losing the only cool thing they ever did is a rough start to the new era, leaving their parent stores with a handful of brands—Levi, Florsheim, and Timex, basically—that anyone would be caught dead wearing. They'd better have something like Target's collab with Missoni up their big, baggy, poorly-made sleeves or this thing's going to be over in a hurry.

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