March 30, 2012  ·  style

Club Monaco finally goes online

Club Monaco has been around since the mid-1980s, and was acquired by Ralph Lauren in 1999 for reasons that were never all that clear—they've done f**k-all to promote the label, which positions itself on the upscale end of a casual, lived-in continuum that curves downwards to J.Crew, then to Urban Outfitters, and eventually to used diapers. Despite purchasing a CM polo on sale once that fell apart on its maiden voyage through the washing machine, we've always kind of liked this brand—their stores are nice environments and they always seem to temper the trendiness of their collections with a strong concentration on very wearable pieces and highly usable colours. Their online store has launched at long last, and the S/S 2012 offerings include a lot of exactly the sorts of things that we've always looked for at CM: plenty of trim staples in neutral khaki, navy, and browns. Shown: Cotton field jacket [$190]. Wool-alpaca cardigan [$130]. Oversized linen-blend scarf [$70].

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