Unrefinery's technology expert is a man named Dave, whose childhood enthusiasm was clearly kindled by his grandfather. "Someday," he'd tell Dave, "we'll have TVs so flat you can hang them on the wall like a picture."

Dave's Grandfather died back in the 1980s, so alas he never saw flat screen television come to dominate the market, but maybe he'd be glad that he isn't around to see his vision sullied by the Solution Without A Problem that is the curved screen TV. After all the effort we spent drilling holes in walls, installing the most low-profile mounts we could find and even tucking these things into recesses in order to make them protrude as little as possible, now they want us to buy TVs that jut out on both sides. Dave's Grandfather didn't die for this sh*t.

If you go to the store now you'll see curved sound bars to go with your new curved TV. Sure, by all means, let's just f*cking start over.

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