November 25, 2008  ·  culture

DETAILS is a parody of itself

The DETAILS magazine of the 80s, packed with useful stuff every month, is now just a distant memory. Today's rag is a transparently phony exercise in one-upsmanship, epitomized by the alternative realities of Kayleen Schaefer, whose recent article on financial survivor's guilt comically depicts diamond necklace-wearing men slumming with Coach instead of Louis Vuitton because—we're not kidding—they are trying to avoid conspicuous consumption. Without asking how one finds people to deliver quotes for such a ridiculous story idea, making up your own would be no problem. Spoken with jutting lower jaw: "Yes, Buffy and I felt the Rolls was just a bit too-too, times being hard and all, so we told the chauffeur to retrieve the Bentley from our beach house in the Hamptons."

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