June 11, 2010  ·  culture  ·  style

Disco Dave Is On The Scene

Boy, do news anchors love it when a story requires a lot of on-site coverage in the great outdoors. Time to ditch that stuffy suit and roll up your sleeves, either figuratively or literally, and cover the story by merging with it. In the old days this meant a safari jacket with a lot of pockets. Anderson Cooper (left) threw down the gauntlet with his famous kid-rescuing black T-shirt during Hurricane Katrina, so the obvious escalation is apparently putting Smug David Muir (right) and his waxed/studio-tanned pecs into an unbuttoned nightclub shirt. Unfortunately this doesn't have the same effect. Dave doesn't look like he's about to pull oil-soaked birds to safety. He looks like he's probably wearing white jeans with this and is going to bolt for Miami as soon as he's done here.

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