August 9, 2010  ·  culture  ·  style

Dressing deplorably as a PR ploy

CNN Headline News reported that Tiger Woods is playing poorly in some tournament or other—not sure which; you couldn't pay us to watch this "sport"—and it was clear that sportscaster and Rick Astley look-alike Rafer Weigel was starting to feel sorry for the guy. And that's when it occurred to us: has the man been sandbagging every aspect of his post-scandal life in order to garner pity? The first appearance of the post-skank era was of course the famous press conference (left), in which he wore just about the worst suit we've ever seen on him, at least two sizes too big and with way-too-low notches on foot-wide lapels, and an equally ill-fitting shirt buttoned completely wrong and with a Flying Nun thing going on with the collar. This has to have been carefully assembled to inspire pathos, because we've seen the guy put together some really sharp and rather advanced fits before (right). The question that remains is whether his lousy golfing is also deliberate. We'd give this due consideration if not for our utter inability to give a s**t.

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