The spring/summer 2010 campaign is under way for Emporio Armani ready-to-wear, and every year, after glancing wistfully at beautiful knitwear that we wished was about 70% cheaper, we always stop to admire the suits and jackets. There are a lot of details that make the "David" slim line special compared to similar-fitting off-the-rack suits from Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren Black Label. EA will use beautiful and rich patterns that break from the usual pinstripes and windowpanes, looking very fashion-forward yet still appropriate for anywhere you'd wear a suit. And there's always a little magic in the lapels, with that EA signature of a very subtle peak. The best suits this year are all 1-button, which makes sense, because you weren't going to use the other button(s) anyway.

Insider tip: Emporio Armani suits aren't cheap, but the summer sale is coming any day now. If you can wait, and aren't afraid of your size selling out, you might score one at 40% off.

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