August 17, 2011  ·  culture  ·  style

England riots: Worst. Hoodlums. EVER.

Kids today just don't know how to riot, and they don't have any respect for their heritage. These two deficiencies were on tragic display during the London mayhem, and could be remedied by heading out into the melee with some activewear from classic British brands instead of those pitiful cheap hoodies, sweat pants and sneakers. (Sorry, "trainers". Pppffffttttt.) Middle: Barbour waxwear jacket. Whether you're getting fire-hosed by the police or weed upon by your fellow moppets, the offending liquid will just bead up and roll off. And yes, you can even get a hood for it, you little s**ts. Right: Doc Martens Capper Boots. Impervious to being penetrated by damn near anything, which makes it all the more tragic that you won't get to keep 'em in prison.

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