June 27, 2016  ·  meta  ·  style

Excessive collar roll is excessive.

Before the Internet it took years for fashion trends to pass "borderline", clear "pushing it" and reach "self-parodying". Over nearly a decade spanning the 60s and '70s, pant leg openings grew incrementally wider on an annual basis until they finally exceeded the circumference of the wearer's waist and someone finally burst out laughing to ruin the whole thing. In the self-congratulatory echo chamber that is #menswear, however, "dub-munks" with a single buckle closed spread faster than aerial spraying could contain them and "necktie boners" were fluffed and deflated within a single season.

The point here is that there aren't a lot of reasons to own a button-down collar in the first place, and "collar roll" is a silly thing for grown men to congratulate one another about. And once the space under your button-down collar becomes sufficiently expansive to shelter a family of four, it might be time to go unplug your router for a while.

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