January 28, 2013  ·  culture  ·  style

France in Mali: Kick Ass, Take Noms

Al Jazeera describes the French action against Al-Qaeda in Mali as a "war without images", due in part to the French government's attempts to control the story and in part to the usual challenges of reporting on a fast-moving conflict. The images we are getting, though, are occasionally epic. Issouf Sanogo's photograph of a French soldier wearing a skeleton mask was slammed by a military spokesman as "not representative of France's action in Mali" and called his behaviour "unacceptable", but he's missing a tremendous upside: this image of Pierre looking like a bad-ass video game character might singlehandedly rehabilitate a rather unfortunate perception of French troops that has persisted ever since they served as an inadequate speed bump for the Nazis in WWII. (Thanks, Guardian.)

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