October 24, 2011  ·  culture  ·  design

Gimme Shelter (Magazines)

We should really thank Dwell for all the fun we've had picking on them over the years. And the truth is, they once filled an important niche in a shelter magazine market that was really lacking in modernism, particularly after the demise of Metropolitan Home. But today we're looking for a little more warmth, comfort, and variety in the rooms containing our Eames and Le Corbusier furniture, and the typical home featured in Dwell—a sort of retro-Communist public housing-style block of concrete and white with some bamboo slapped on and a Prius parked out front—just doesn't cut it. Fortunately we have alternatives.

Elle DecorED doesn't have a single aesthetic; you'll find all manner of styles in each issue from contemporary to baroque and country. When they do modern, though, they lean towards the eclectic, which is useful for the majority of us working to update an existing home style rather than beginning with a clean slate of architecture and furnishings.

Interior Design — Not really a shelter magazine, the jurisdiction of ID includes not just homes but also hotels, restaurants, offices and other commercial spaces. And yet we find some useful inspiration every time, with the odds of overlap with any reader's personal aesthetic boosted by both the quality and quantity of photographs packed into a typical 300+ page issue.

Both good choices for inspired... well, dwelling. Smug sense of superiority not included.

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