December 20, 2013  ·  style

Going Formal

New Year's approaches, and recognizing that Tartan might not be for everyone, there's still more room for personal style in traditional formalwear—or as it's now apparently called, "occasionwear"—than you might think. For the holidays you might want to skip some of the slightly less strict variants of the dinner jacket, such as white and/or shawl collars, and stick with a variant of the classic formula: dark, grosgrain accents, and peak lapels. Not a notch lapel. (We're looking at you, Mr. President.)

Upper left: Classic one-button single-breasted. Can never go wrong. Upper right: Velvet. The only time you can really wear velvet when you're not in your den overlooking a grotto full of Playmates, so you might as well. Lower left: Double-breasted. Sweeping lapels. Awesome. Smaller chest opening serves as appropriateness firewall against those of us who go open-collar. Lower right: Midnight blue, which in certain light appears darker than black (which is not news to anyone attempting to separate navy from black in a dark closet).

Lower right: Kiton at Shop The Finest. All others: Hackett.

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