Uniqlo is a big ship that changes course slowly, so most of their Spring stuff is an evolution of stuff we saw last year. A few noteworthy pieces:

Long Sleeved Striped T-Shirt [$20]. Every year Unrefinery presents some options for the summer staple that is the short-sleeved navy striped T, but Uniqlo's new long-sleeved option is a nice development for spring through fall. Heavy and soft, almost a sweater gauge. They run small and they're almost sure to shrink so size up.

Linen V-Neck Sweater [$40]. Uniqlo expands its linen offerings every year, and while the dinky-collared shirts and linen cardigans seem a bit pointless the idea of a lightweight linen sweater to be worn without layers in warm weather is an appealing upgrade from a t-shirt or sweatshirt. The blue and navy colours are the most appealing as the slubby texture adds some nice visual interest. Fit is true to size.

Stretch Mesh Belts [$20]. The idea here is that if you have infrequently-worn shoes in a slightly offbeat colour like navy or burgundy or ivory, you can pick up a comfortable and complementary belt for minimal outlay. Some of them are reversible. Handy.

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